Welcome on our website, Foundation Friends of Bawku

The Foundation

  • deploys (para-) medical specialists and technicians,
  • gives a transfer of knowledge to the health workers and technicians in the hospital,,
  • gives help specifically requested by the hospital,
  • helps to improve medical apparatus and equipment vital to basic medical care,,
  • helps to improve the hospital’s organisational structures,
  • gives those who are sent out only financial compensation for their ticket,
  • takes care that time spent at the hospital will not exceed 6 weeks.

What happened till now?

  • the hospital grew from a poor local hospital to a regional hospital,
  • a dental department is realised in which 4 dental educated nurses can practice the normal dentistryn
  • a locale doctor has become a surgeon. There also is a orthopaedic surgeon.
  • the obsolete theatre is changed in a brand new building realised to the standards of today
  • the electricity and water supply is improved,
  • exchange of knowledge by medical and technical specialists
  • reconstruction of laboratory, pharmacy and X-ray.

Next future

  • we have the intention to make an institute of education of the hospital,
  • there are discussions with the universities of Ghana and the Netherlands and with the department of tropical medicine in the Netherlands,
  • this year maternity will get a new construction adapted to the standards of today
  • the dental department will get a dependence in Garu, one of the outside villages

Annual reports

Annual report Foundation Friends of Bawku 2014 download-report

Evaluation reports

January 2014  > Dr Herma van Vliet, dentist download-report